At Parafield Gardens High School, the dedicated Technologies faculty includes a range of specialist design and digital technologies areas in open spaced areas.

The Technologies faculty includes two brand new state of the art kitchens, a large range of resources, equipment, and software, and some of the latest technologies used in today’s industries.

These dedicated specialist-teaching spaces enable students to develop knowledge, understanding, skills, and applications using technologies to problem solve, innovate, and create. Students investigate, analyse, and develop ideas in response to problems or needs, develop skills to communicate ideas, produce solutions,and evaluate the effectiveness of product, systems, and solutions. Developing student’s problem-solving skills contributes to their critical thinking skills and their ability to deal with the demands of a rapidly changing world, and ability to understand implications of emerging technologies and sustainable practices and processes.

Students explore and incorporate a range of resistant materials (wood, plastic, metal), systems and controls (electronics), food and hospitality, and digital solutions (web design, software, programming to create design solutions with real world applications).

Students completing year 10 Technology subjects have the opportunity to continue their studies into a VET course such as Kitchen Operations, Hospitality, Electro-technology (career start) and Engineering (metal trades).

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