Students are delivered an engaging curriculum by experienced teachers who have high standards and expectations using the latest technology including the online learning platform, Google Classroom for 24/7 learning.

There is a key focus on inquiry-based learning promoting collaboration, constructive feedback and making links to innovations in Science and STEM.

All major fields are offered to Year 12 including: Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Psychology, Scientific Studies and Nutrition. Year 11 Scientific Studies specializes in one semester courses: Forensic Science and Sports Science. In Year 12, students are able to co-design their program based on future pathways in Science with an emphasis on practical investigations, current research and capability development.

Our new STEM facilities showcase the best resources and technology available for teaching and learning using a future focused approach. This enables our specialist Science teachers to demonstrate best practice to build powerful learners that have strong problem solving skills to prepare them for an ever changing technological world.

This includes a strong focus on:

  • Increasing links with current research and innovations in Science and STEM.
  • Deconstructing and designing investigations and experiments.
  • Being exposed to and having the opportunity to use new and current technologies through online learning environments and collaborative teams.
  • Improving literacy and numeracy skills to support the development of students as ‘citizen scientists’.
  • Developing critical and creative thinking skills to solve real and local problems.

STEM Science Highlights:

  • Year 11 and 12 UniSA Connect practical workshops and Booster Program.
  • Year 9 Girls in STEM in collaboration with SA Universities.
  • Year 10 STEM Semester Course.
  • STEM Club at lunchtimes.
  • National Science Week.
  • STEM scholarship recipient program (Years 11-12)
  • Year 7/8 STEM middle school pedagogy.
  • Inspiring the Futures Excursions and STEM Expo.

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