Languages Other than English (LOTE).

Being able to speak more than one language is a powerful skill, opening doors for a whole range of social and vocational pathways.

Whether it is learning a completely new language, or maintaining a language of your home country, family or culture, we encourage all students to study LOTE! In year 7, students will engage in introductions to four different languages and cultures. This ‘taster’ year will help them to identify which LOTE they would like to study in year 8. From year 8, students can choose from German and Japanese. In studying a language, students interact with others and share information, ideas, feelings, and experiences.

As the world opens up after COVID-19, international exchanges and study partnerships will become possible again, providing students with the opportunity to use their language skills in real life situations. Students analyse and interpret meaning and texts by examining culture, language, and identity through the intercultural capability. Within the study of languages, students focus on language and culture in order to make meaning and to make learning valuable and fun.

PGHS students are also able to study a language offered by the School Of Languages, for a small additional fee. In 2023, it is likely that Vietnamese classes will continue to be held at PGHS after school. Other languages, including Nepali, Khmer, Persian (Farsi, Dari) and others, can be studied at various locations. See the School of Languages website for information about the range of languages that are available. School of Languages

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