Parafield Gardens High School uses a Learning Communities model.

This means that instead of a Year Level Coordinator, students are assigned to one of four Learning Communities.

Students are placed in Communities based on their Home group and stay in those communities for the remainder of their schooling. The benefits of this model include:

  • Building meaningful, consistent and positive relationships with staff, students and families.
  • Promoting collaboration, communication and student agency.
  • Promoting an inclusive environment which celebrates the strengths of all learners.
  • Promoting a positive, supportive and inclusive school culture where all students are welcomed and valued.
  • Promoting loyalty, passion and determination to help achieve success within the community.
  • Promoting positive self-esteem, identity, belonging and pride to support positive mental health.
  • Developing positive learning relationships between a range of students and builds their learning efficacy.

Each Learning Community consists of a Learning Community Manager, Youth Worker and Wellbeing who follow students through their learning journeys. The communities take part in challenges against one another including sport and engineering.

Wardli Pirku
(Home Group)
A, BC, DE, FG, H
Assistant PrincipalMat MasonBronwen McClellandMandeep Kaur
Lisa Stapleton
Anthea Papagiannis
Sam McGrath
LCMPaul MichaelBen OpitzMichael NiedzwieckiCourtney Burgess
Youth WorkerLindsay TomkinsTalia PascoeMandy AllenMichael Clausen
Wellbeing SupportJonathan CastilloJonathan CastilloJonathan CastilloJonathan Castillo
Assistant LCMKatie WaltersTuyet DangVictoria CiroccoSamantha Beales


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