From 7-9th of May, we were invited to take part in the HMEF Awards Ceremony held at the State Library of Victoria in Melbourne. It was an excellent experience to interact with students from approximately 50 different schools across Australia and the HMEF team. It allowed us to form new friendships and make long-lasting memories.

Tamanna: “I now have the opportunity to personally experience the transformative effect a scholarship can have on my academic career. Being a HMEF scholarship recipient has drastically improved my academic performance. It’s super exciting to be able to use all the sources available to successfully finish my secondary education next year. This scholarship has and hopefully will continue to encourage me to perform my absolute academic best!”

Khadija: “The most pleasurable part of this event was the Awards Night, an expedition to the World of Books and meeting new people. Being granted a scholarship through HMEF gives me the chance to do everything to a high standard. My life has changed for the better.”

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