Welcome to Parafield Gardens High School

We are excited to have your child as a learner and you, a vitally important contributor to the educational experience, in our learning community.

PGHS has a strong focus on continuous improvement, based on feedback, data and research.

Our staff have a strong commitment to student voice, building student’s self-efficacy and working collaboratively with colleagues, students, families and the community to maximise the learning pathways for every student in our school.

We are a comprehensive school that caters for the diverse range of interests our learners bring to our learning community. Inclusion is therefore a key are site priority and through active per mentoring and a structured House based pastoral care system we develop belonging and celebrate learning growth and personal development success for every learner.

Parafield Gardens High School is a Category 3 school, with a culturally diverse community. Our school demographic is something we celebrate. Our student cohort is made up of 1005 students:

  • 333 EALD students
  • 87 refugee students
  • 105 students with disability
  • 67 Aboriginal Education students
  • 70 Flexible Learning Option (FLO) students
  • 20 International students
  • From 2022 we will have 1200 students from Year 7 to 12.

We aim to develop the ‘whole person’ when students enrol at PGHS. We have a focus on fostering positive relationships across the site by enabling Home Group teachers and Year Level Coordinators to know and understand all learners in their care to ensure a sense of belonging. This is enhanced through mentoring and HG based programs that develop the skills in our students to face their futures with confidence. Graduating from PGHS, each of learners will be able to:

  • Show resilience when faced with a challenge
  • Have the metacognitive strategies to think through issues
  • Design their own futures with a high level of self-efficacy

Our Governing Council represents our demographic and is an active and engaged group of parents who actively contribute to our schools ethos of ‘Quality Learning, Quality Futures’.

We also have extensive community and partnership links that guide our thinking, support our students and collaborate with us to ensure effective transitions for learners at every stage of their learning journey with us. These include:

  • Hollywood Lakes and Gardens (HLG) Partnership feeder primary schools
  • Northern Adelaide State Secondary Schools Alliance (NASSSA) & Vocational Education provision
  • Department for Education Regional Office support staff: psychology, behaviour, attendance, social work, speech pathology
  • External Agency supports: Novita, Autism SA, Adelaide & Flinders University, UniSA, SAPOL, Sammy D Foundation, BATYR

We are committed to ensuring that your child successfully engages within our learning community and you can be proud of the school you have entrusted to educate your child.


Ms Kirstin Amos, Principal

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