Parafield Gardens High School has over 50 Aboriginal students from years 8 to 12.

We have an Aboriginal Secondary Education Transition Officer (ASETO), an Aboriginal Education Teacher (AET) and two Aboriginal Education Intervention Teachers who work with the students closely in and out of the classroom.

Homework Centre
We operate a homework centre for all students from Monday to Thursday until 4pm. The primary aim of the Learning Hub is to encourage improved levels of outcomes (both academic and non-academic) for our Aboriginal students. Students that attend the Learning Hub are offered 1:1 and small group support on both summative and formative assessment. Some students attend for a quiet place to complete work, others attend for further assistance with their studies. Student’s that attend are provided with nutritious food and drink when attending.

Celebrating Culture
Every year we celebrate important events such as Reconciliation and NAIDOC weeks. This is a great opportunity to share Aboriginal culture with the whole school.

Community Partnerships
We actively involve outside organisations to come into the school to support staff, students and families to overcome any barriers towards education and have very successful outcomes based on this approach. The Aboriginal Education room is open every morning from 8:30am-9:30am to all parents to come in and chat with the Aboriginal Education team and discuss their students learning and any wellbeing issues. Parafield Gardens High School also utilizes outside organisations such as the Work About Centre to come in and assist students gaining qualifications and employment. If you are experiencing any difficulties, please contact a member of the team.

Individual Learning Plans
We complete One Plans for all Aboriginal students which are reviewed twice a year. The purpose of these plans is for the students to set goals for their own learning and identify for themselves areas, which they think they could improve in order to stay engaged in their learning. The OP’s are reviewed on a semester basis and an Aboriginal parent night is held every term for signing and reviewing of the ILP’s.

SACE Aboriginal Student Pathways
Throughout the year students are presented with many opportunities to travel interstate and locally to a variety of universities to experience the tertiary education lifestyle. For students looking at a trade pathway there is the opportunity of up to 40days work experience with a variety of organisations.

South Australian Aboriginal Sport Training Academy (SAASTA)
Parafield Gardens High School is involved in the South Australian Aboriginal Sport Training Academy. SAASTA utilise sport, in particular AFL, as a vehicle to engage Aboriginal students in their learning. Students are given the opportunity to be involved in elite sporting academies (AFL, Netball, and Basketball).

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