Bismillah Naibzada

School Captain - Events and Promotion

As the Events and Promotion School Captain I aspire to be a role model and leader that students want to look up to. I am excited to work with everyone and organise events that will be inclusive, enjoyable and memorable. Throughout the year I hope to implement competitive sporting events that students can participate in and have fun with their peers. I am extremely grateful to be given this opportunity and will make sure to contribute to the school community as much as possible.

Thomas Oxford

School Captain - Community and Culture

In the role of Community and Culture School Captain at Parafield Gardens High School, I am excited to work with everyone throughout the year, and establish a PGHS environment that is inclusive for all students. Throughout the year, I will encourage each and everyone of the PGHS community to follow their dreams, and achieve their goals. It's important that we work towards fostering a culture where everyone respects each other and demonstrates the school values of respect, achievement, and determination in their daily actions. Running events at recess and lunch will support students' wellbeing, as well as participate with their peers around them. By the end of the year, I hope to make Parafield Gardens High School a better place, where everyone feels accepted for who they are. I will involve everyone at PGHS through asking them for feedback and their thoughts about specific topics, and will use their responses to obtain a specific outcome. I desire to make an impact in the community.

Maryell Valmores

Tirntu Learning Community Captain - Community and Culture

Hey there! My name is Mary and I am the Community and Culture captain for Tirntu for 2023! As captain of my house I aim to lead by example to support my peers in their goals and schooling. I am passionate about self-expression and the pursuit of inclusion in order to create a welcoming environment where everyone feels comfortable and accepted regardless of their background. This year I hope to encourage students to be involved with our school community through facilitating events where students can communicate and collaborate. It's important we are welcoming of one another and by practising this we all can contribute and give a little kindness back. Looking forward to working with you all, so let's have fun this year!

Saraneen Sonn

Tirntu Learning Community Captain - Events and Promotion

Hi everyone! My name is Saraneen, I am one of the Tirntu learning community captains. My role focuses on Events and Promotions, hence I strive to get involved with current events and activities that would bring our cohorts together. I'm genuinely excited to work and dedicate my time to bring our school community closer while achieving the best we can this year. My team and I are open to any students approaching us with any ideas or issues that may arise. We will do our best to assist you all and make the most out of your year. I am here to be your voice when you feel like you can't be heard. This is my role, so please feel free to approach me and bring your concerns. I am looking forward to working with everyone and I hope we can continue to achieve only the best this year.

Natalia Phum

Yitpi Learning Community Captain - Events and Promotion

My main goal as the Yitpi learning community captain for Events and Promotion this year is to bring our school community together and make everyone feel included by bringing collaborative events to life and creating a welcoming school environment. Lastly, I want to inspire young students to take every opportunity they are given because the experiences we gain from these opportunities are the step leading to success in life. I am honoured to contribute to S.R.C as a leader and as someone who has the opportunity to work with amazing people who all want to see positive change in our learning environment.

Mark Nguyen

Yitpi Learning Community Captain - Community and Culture

Hey, I'm Mark and I'm one of the two school captains for Yitpi house this year. I'm designated to be in charge of the Community and Culture division, whose main purpose is to bring everyone together and tackle various issues we have in our community. Over the course of the year, I aim to boost the morale of students by helping to run event venues such as Sports Day stalls. I want to specifically make our learning environment more inclusive and open towards all different kinds of people, which I know that some of the other S.R.C captains are passionate about too. One of the concerns that I see around the yard is that students don't have much to do at break times. I hope to implement student-run clubs with the assistance of teachers in order to hopefully help pupils learn new skills while having fun. I'm extremely grateful for this opportunity and the help of the other school leaders in order to improve the state of our school. No matter how much progress we make, I believe that even the smallest contribution can make high school a proud memory for all.

Latrelle Sumner

Kauwi Learning Community Captain - Events and Promotion

Hi everyone, my name is Latrelle Sumner and I am the events and promotion captain for Kauwi for 2023. This year I am excited to help plan and organise different events throughout the year that everyone can enjoy and have great moments in. I also hope to meet new people so that I can encourage them to join in with all the events to create lasting memories with their friends. I look forward to meeting many new faces and working towards having a great 2023!

Tuan Nguyen

Kauwi Learning Community Captain - Community and Culture

Hello everyone, my name is Tuan Nguyen and I am the Community and Culture captain for Kauwi for 2023. It was a great opportunity to become one of the Kauwi house captains. I am looking forward to working with other captains, everyone in SRC, as well as the entire Parafield Gardens High School community. As the person who is in charge of the community and culture, my main purpose is to create a good learning environment for everyone to connect, such as new students who just joined this year. One of my goals for this year is to create a student board of what they want to add to their learning environment. For 2023, I hope we can work our best and be happy together.

Belinda Son

arta Learning Community Captain - Events and Promotion

Hi everyone! My name is Belinda Son and I'm Yarta's Events and Promotion House Captain for 2023. This year as a house captain, I'm looking forward to planning, organising and creating exhilarating and memorable events throughout the year. I'm very thankful to have this opportunity to represent and share the opinions and thoughts of my fellow peers, and to create a more positive, inclusive, and accepting environment for all. Furthermore, I strive for our school to be a fun and safe place for all students to come to. For 2023, let's work to our fullest to have a happy and productive year!

My Nguyen

Yarta Learning Community Captain - Community and Culture

Hi all, my name is My and I am Yarta's 2023 community and culture's captain. It has been a great pleasure to have had this opportunity presented to me this year. I am excited to work with the rest of the SRC body to help our students and staff create a learning environment suited for everyone. Hopefully 2023 will welcome us with lots of fun and adventures. I hope that by the end of this year you have had at least some memorable moments that you will remember for the rest of your life. If you have any inquiries feel free to talk to me or any of my fellow SRC members, just know that our role is to be your voice and we want to improve your school life as much as we possibly can. So please don't be afraid to voice your opinions and I along with the seniors will try our best within our powers to help you. Let's all have an amazing 2023 and work hard to be the best versions of ourselves so we can not only represent our school and its values but also represent ourselves.

Karuna Sajin

Community Connections Captain

Hello all, My name is Karuna and I am the Community Connections Captain at Parafield Gardens High School. It gives me great pleasure to represent on the Student Representative Council of our school, and I look forward to working with each of you throughout the following school year. I really wish that all of you will have a successful year this time around. This role had just recently opened this year, having value both inside and outside of the school, with the responsibility of talking to the school's governing council, parents, teachers, and students about what's going on and what kinds of changes the various groups want to see implemented. If you have any questions or concerns about the PGHS community, don't hesitate to bring them up with me or any other SRC captains. We'll be happy to assist you in any way we can. Hoping to work with all of you throughout this year!!

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