Cagen Coulson

School Captain

Hello all, as I've been given the fortunate role as a School Captain of Parafield Gardens High School, I am privileged to collaborate with students and teachers to foster a competitive and inclusive learning environment. In 2024, my aim is to inspire all students to reach their full potential and cultivate a culture of mutual respect and achievement. By promoting collaboration and upholding our school values of respect, achievement, and determination, I want to be a part of creating a supportive atmosphere where everyone can feel included and have the urge to extend their learning. To achieve this, I plan to introduce a variety of social clubs and competitions throughout the year, providing opportunities for students to engage and excel. By the end of 2024, my goal is for Parafield Gardens High School to be a place where every individual feels valued and motivated to grow. As a school captain, I have the need to involve everyones opinion in our school community through asking them for feedback and their thoughts about specific topics. I will aid in making a positive impact to help shape and build a stronger foundation for the future captains of Parafield Gardens High School to expand on.

Fanta Konneh

School Captain

Hello everyone my name is Fanta Konneh, and I am one of the 2024 school captains. This year, my primary focus for the SRC at PGHS is looking to introduce new break time student clubs that promote inclusivity and enhance personalised learning experiences for each student Moreover, I am committed to ensuring that the SRC represents diverse voices and needs by actively seeking input from students of all backgrounds. Through surveys, discussions, and meetings, I'll gather feedback to continuously refine the SRC and enhance its effectiveness. Ultimately, my aim is to leave a lasting impact by making the SRC more inclusive, adaptable, and beneficial for all students, laying the groundwork for ongoing growth and innovation within the school community.

Tamanna Mohebi

School Vice-Captain

As the school Vice Captain, my purpose for the SRC in 2024 is to represent and advocate for the needs and interests of the PGHS community. My goals for the SRC would be to promote inclusivity, foster a sense of community, encourage active participation in extracurricular activities and improve communication channels between students and teachers. To achieve these goals, I would like to implement innovative initiatives such as organise and run events that promote the school spirit. Inclusivity is a key priority for me, and I will work alongside other senior leaders to ensure that the SRC represents the diverse voices and needs of the entire student body. I believe that seeking feedback from the students is crucial to the success of the SRC, and I will use various feedback strategies such as surveys, open conversations, and regular meetings to evaluate the success of SRC initiatives. Ultimately, my long-term impact would be to leave a positive legacy by inspiring future SRC leaders to continue fostering a sense of community, promoting inclusivity, and advocating for student needs.

Dom Than

School Vice-Captain

My name is Dom Than, and as Vice Captain of Parafield Gardens High School, I am deeply committed to hearing the voices of every student and enhancing the student experience. My purpose for the SRC in 2024 is to foster inclusivity, innovation, and collaboration within our school community, utilising sports as a platform for both inclusivity and healthy competition. By promoting participation in a diverse range of sports activities, we can create opportunities for students of all backgrounds to come together, build friendships, and develop important life skills. Through initiatives such as inter-school sports tournaments and inclusive sports clubs, I aim to ensure that every student feels welcomed and valued, regardless of their athletic ability or background. By prioritising the diverse needs and perspectives of our peers, I strive to leave a lasting impact on the SRC and Parafield Gardens High School, inspiring future leaders to continue our legacy of positive change and unity.

Shine Sumo

Tirntu Learning Community Captain

Hello, my name is Shine Sumo and I am your learning community captain for Tirntu 2024. In 2024, my aim for the SRC is to make sure everyone feels included at school. I want to help students understand each other better, be more kind and accepting to one another, and arrange fun events that showcase our differences. I also want to come up with new ideas like Organising special days where students can play games from different cultures. Whether it’s traditional board games, sports, or even digital games, this can be a fantastic way to learn about each other’s backgrounds while having fun. Please if you have any ideas, come to tell because your ideas matter, and play an important role in creating an engaging and inclusive environment.

Rollibel Basilides

Tirntu Learning Community Captain

As the Tirntu Learning Community Captain for 2024, I aim to create a welcoming and lively environment where every student feels valued and encouraged to do their best. It is one of my main purposes as a student leader to unite everyone, diminishing any forms of discrimination and ensuring that voices are heard by many. Don't hesitate to approach me with your thoughts and ideas, regardless of your year level or background. With the inclusion of every voice to be heard, we can make better decisions together. I'm eager to organise cultural diversity events in our school. These events will help us appreciate each other's backgrounds, fostering empathy and respect. Embracing our differences will create a supportive environment where everyone feels valued and empowered. I am also passionate about creating clubs within our school to cater to diverse interests and passions which can provide invaluable opportunities for students to explore their hobbies, develop leadership skills, and forge lasting friendships. I will actively seek feedback and insights from students, teachers, and staff, ensuring that their perspectives shape the initiatives and decisions that drive our community forward.

Lily Robertson

Kauwi Learning Community Captain

Hi! I’m Lily, one of the Kauwi learning community captains for 2024. As a Kauwi captain, I would love to implement more of a competitive community in our school, surrounding the RAD system and fun events like Sports Day. Competition between learning communities will help to provide inclusivity, connection and belonging for students - aspects of school that I believe PGHS could improve. My goal this year is to encourage all students (especially Kauwi students) to get involved, try their best and feel comfortable not only in themselves but also in the fact that they belong! As a friendly face around school, I am always happy to talk and receive feedback on anything from anybody. I hope for a successful 2024, filled with great memories and lots of companionable competition!!

Edison Antoi

Yitpi Learning Community Captain

Hello everyone, I'm Edison, pleased to be serving as one of the Yitpi learning community captains. My primary goal this year is to promote unity among our cohorts by fostering diverse relationships through engaging activities and events. I am dedicated to dedicating my time to enhancing the cohesion of our school community for a successful year ahead. My team and I warmly invite all students to share their ideas and concerns; we're here to support you and enrich your experience. Please feel free to approach me at any time, and let's collaborate to make this year truly outstanding.

Joseph Gardner

Yarta Learning Community Captain

Hi everyone, my name is Joseph Gardner and I’m one of the two learning community leaders for Yarta. As a learning community leader in 2024 I want to help ensure that Yarta is actively competing in various events throughout the year, in order to grow a sense of connection and belonging within our community and to encourage students to be competitive and perform at the highest level they can. One of my goals is to build up on ideas introduced from 2023, the sport competitions. From what myself and other PGHS students observed, it didn’t gain enough interest at times, resulting in some learning communities not having any competitors. To overcome this I want to know what sort of activities you would like to see be introduced to allow the school to be competitive whilst having large student interest. Along with this I also have concerns of students having their opinions put down by others due to having opinions considered controversial. To address this I invite you to talk to myself or PGHS staff of any related issues so that I, or a staff member, can properly resolve and bring awareness to it. If you have any other sorts of problems within the school you would like to have addressed or if you have any other ideas to assist the school please feel free to come and speak with me, as a SRC my job is to bring your thoughts into action.

Uday Kumar

Yarta Learning Community Captain

Hey everyone, I’m Uday Kumar and I represent Yarta as one of the two captains of the learning community. This year, I want to use my position as learning community captain to elevate the voices of students and do all in my power to make high school more engaging and welcoming for all. In addition, I would like to make sure that Yarta participates in as many events as possible during the school year. This will foster inclusivity and bring a sense of community within our learning community, but more than anything, I want to see students succeed and give their best efforts. Since I’m a sports enthusiast as well, I would like to draw ideas from past years’ sporting events and develop a spirit of rivalry in our learning community. In the future I hope to organise more competitive events. I am also very concerned about the racism that people encounter in our school. In order to address such acts and raise awareness of this issue, please feel free to approach me, other learning community captains/school captains or PGHS staff if you experience any form of racial prejudice. Also, feel free to reach out to me any time outside of class if you have any questions; as an SRC member, it is my responsibility to listen to your ideas and implement them.

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