The Parafield Gardens High School Uniform is an important aspect of our Philosophy and Objectives:

  • The school uniform distinctly helps create a sense of identity, pride and belonging.
  • The school uniform ensures that we know who belongs to our school.
  • The school recognises the diversity of its community and respects the cultural and religious beliefs of its members.
  • The quality range of options available allows students to dress casually and comfortably, as well as formally when the need arises.
  • All students from Year 8 – 13 are required to wear the School Uniform
  • Security: When all our students are in uniform, non school members are easily identified.
  • Image: It is important that our students reinforce the positive image our school has in the community. Uniform helps students present a positive image.
  • Cost: As parents would realise, the cost of teenage clothing can be enormous. By having a school uniform we keep the cost down considerably

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