Our school offers a range of whole school programs to support students including:

  • Breakfast Club – Monday to Thursday in the Courtyard.
  • Learning Hub – Until 4pm Monday – Thursday in the Library.
  • Vista Sports – Tuesday afternoons throughout the year.

Home Group Programs: The Home Group Program has a real focus on social and emotional learning to empower students to take the lead in their lives and learning. Rock and Water is a big part of this program in the middle years. Additionally, the program includes a variety of wellbeing presentations including BATYR, Sammy D, SAPOL, Livin’, P.A.R.T.Y Program, Encounter Youth presentations, University mentoring, Cyberia and many more.

Targeted Intervention – In addition to whole school programs, we offer support through targeted intervention programs including but not limited to Coaching Young People for Success, RAGE and Taming the Bull. Interventions run in 6 week cycles.

Student Representative Council (SRC): Students can increase their connection with school and have a say by joining the SRC and one of the associated focus groups. SRC Wellbeing and intercultural groups take the lead in organising events such as RUOK? Day, Harmony Week, Wear it Purple and Bullying No Way.

Learning Hub: as part of our programs, the learning hub runs every week from Monday to Thursday after school until 4:00 PM. There are teaching and ancillary staff members supporting students who would like to get extra support with their classes, we are committed to our students and our community and we encourage every student to take advantage of this time and the support from staff members.

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